Albin Schaeder was not only watchmaker and author, but also a luthier.Albin Schaeder playing his violin He became a member of Jämtland county violin builder association in 1991 and Stockholm violin builder club in 1992.
He made a several violins and mandolins, a bandurria, a pochette and even a barrel organ!

His own violin design, “The Dragon” was featured in an article in Västerbottens Kuriren July 16, 1990.



Violin number 2. After a model by Perry, Dublin 1829. Manufactured July 1988.
The violin bow is also his own design, the hair is from the tail of his grand daughter Tinas arab horse, Cherokee.

Violin number 2 by Albin Schaeder

Violin number 3. Own design, manufactured 1989.

Violin number 3 by Albin Schaeder

Violin number 4. Own design, manufactured 1989. The lid is made from 100 year old fir floor.

Violin number 4 by Albin Schaeder

Violin number 5.

Violin number 5 by Albin Schaeder

Violin number 6. Own design, manufactured 1990. At an exhibition June 30, 1990 this violin was awarded second price for its excellent sound.

Violin number 6 by Albin Schaeder

Violin number 7. Own design, manufactured 1990.

Violin number 7 by Albin Schaeder

Violin number 8. Manufactured 1990. Inspired by an original model by Niccolò Amati, Cremona 1656. The original is at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington.
Another copy manufactured by Vittorio Villa år 2005 can be found here:

Violin number 8 by Albin Schaeder

Violin number 10. Own design, manufactured 1992 from maple and spruce, with inlay of pear wood. Inlay of 400 pieces of nacre around the rim and ivory on the finger board.

Violin number 10 by Albin Schaeder

Mini violins.
Skalenligt byggda, endast 14 och 19 cm långa.
Both have ebenholtz details and the one to the right has an ivory bridge.

Mini violins by Albin Schaeder

Pochette (aka Kit violin).
Inspired by Dimanche Drouyn, Paris, late 16th century, German 17th century models and originals at Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Dressed with bone (ivory and know bone) and ebenholz. Leather clad case. A pochette is a small string instrument that is only 21-30 centimer long. The name comes from the french la pochette which means small bag. In english kit violin or pochette fiddle, in german tanzmeistergeige and in italian violino piccolo.

Pochette by Albin Schaeder


Bandurria is a Spanish string instrument, Spanish mandolin. This one is a Canarian bandurria, manufactured 1994.

Bandurria by Albin Schaeder

Barrel Organ

Barrel organ by Albin Schaeder