The Proletarian Watch by Albin SchaederThe book is a must for everyone interested in antique clocks; clock merchants, antique dealers, auctioneers, watch collectors, or just anyone wanting to know more about their inherited clock.

The Book is a research in Georges-Frederic Roskopf and his work, a man whose invention has created wealth to hundreds of factories in Switzerland.

These factories grown to many of Switzerland largest during 100 years (even in number of most exported movements) as a result of his invention and gave thousands and thousands of people work.
He or his relatives didn’t get any fruits of his work and the fortunes it created.

Many factories have improved the watches from time to time and many have benefited from Roskopfs idea and bungled it by producing inferior watches in the name of competition and profit. The serious manufacturers had realised the use of his invention and with advantage took the watch in their assortment.

The Book is a late homage to Roskopf for his farsighted idea and philanthropy and his contribution to the watch history is worth all esteem.

The numerous colour illustrations and the detailed descriptions provide an insight into the impact of Georges Frederic Roskopfs invention.

The book includes details of numerous company trademarks and more than 40 separate patents.

Printed 2007
ISBN 978-91-631-9608-9
215 pages
Size 22,5 x 17 cm (6,69” x 8,86”)
Hard cover

Richly illustrated


Visit to Belgium – In 2007 Albin Schaeder visited Paul Van Rompay in Belgium to do a sales promotion for the book The Proletarian Watch.

The Roskopf exhibition – An interview (in French) with Jean-Miguel Piguet, Deputy Curator of the International Horology Museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

La drôle de montre de Monsieur Roskopf – (The Strange Watch of Mr Roskopf) A book on the Roskopf exhibition in La Chaux-de-Fonds by Jean-Michel Piguet with contributions by Liliane Roskopf, Paul Van Rompay, Pierre-Yves Donzé and Karla Vanraepenbusch.

Georges Frederic Roskopf – Wikipedia.

The Roskopf watch – it’s history, inventions and patens by Ulrich Bretscher.

History and Design of the Roskopf Watch – by Eugene Buffat.


Roskopf Proletarian watch patent
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